Terms & Conditions

dejaWOOO is a search engine collecting and listing product information from pre-owned merchants around the world (hereinafter referred to as "third parties").

Pricing, shipping, availability and other sale-related information listed on dejaWOOO is provided as reference only. dejaWOOO cannot guarantee or verify the quality, authenticity, safety and availability of the listed products; nor is it responsible for the accuracy of the product information displayed by third parties.

Any and all transactions occur outside of dejaWOOO, directly with third-party platforms. Third-party platforms are solely responsible for the goods and services they provide, including but not limited to accuracy of product information and customer services such as transactions, payment processes, shipping, returns and refunds.

Any personal information you may provide to third-parties, including email address, shipping address, credit card information, etc., will be collected and stored by the third-party platforms only, in accordance with their own privacy policy and the regulations to which they adhere. Before completing your purchase, you may be required to read and agree to the privacy and cookie policy of the third-party website, for which dejaWOOO does not take any legal responsibility.